Ramadan goals

Here are my two core, intertwined Ramadan goals: to be less cynical and to be more grateful.

How will I achieve this? I will try to ignore and cut myself off from both Muslim and anti-Muslim propaganda. I will try to minimise my exposure to politics, media and sectarian self-righteousness. I will try to see goodness with my eyes and utter gratitude with my tongue. I will try to find the good in others and overlook their mistakes or assumed intentions.

I will try to withdraw on social media from all who light the spark on cynicism by posting unfounded, bombastic or ridiculous claims, and where not possible, to resist the urge to comment or respond, and instead content my eyes with photos of rivers, gardens and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

And in my home — though this will take much more effort — I will try to see goodness in place of constant provocations, to reward good behaviour and not just censure transgressions. To become more tolerant of noise and more forgiving of the daily riots; to praise more and condemn less. I will try to be more mindful of blessings, more grateful in my actions, more humble in my opinions, less easy to anger, and I will, if the Most Merciful wills, try to be more truthful and more sincere, and rid my heart of the hypocrisies which overwhelm me.

Oh dear. What a mammoth task I have set myself!

One thought on “Ramadan goals

  1. How are you faring so far,? Hope you were able to achieve decent amount of your set goals. Advance Eid Mubarak to you and yours.


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