Relative sins

It is amazing that we forget what sin is when it is our beloved sages that stand accused. All of a sudden we are charitable, telling each other that it is not so bad, and certainly not as bad as it could have been. How utterly bizarre. Would you be so charitable to the unknown or the poor? Or is it only the rich and famous who escape rebuke?

One thought on “Relative sins

  1. Good point. Spot on.
    We’re living in the age celebrity culture and this has sadly seeped into the religious space and in my opinion it’s too late to fix. Celebrity scholars can get away with horrendous acts of irresponsibility and sometimes this actually increases their status because the hordes of sycophantic disciples go ballistic in defending them tooth and nail.
    Of course when it comes “regular” people, we’re more than happy to contribute to their destruction. This is why, in my opinion, all the attempts we make at trying to convince the outside world that we are liberal or pluralistic or modern or progressive via the myriad of facades (interfaith gatherings, the whole “Islam liberated women” rhetoric, the organic food movement on and on and on) are a joke, because we can’t actually treat our own people with respect and dignity. We deserve to be the laughing stock of the world.


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