Red lines

Personally it doesn’t bother me if a Muslim government wants to buy sophisticated weapons systems from Israel or sign energy deals to benefit from their Eastern Mediterranean gas fields.

But if you’re going to condemn me for eating ice cream manufactured by a global multinational which has a subsidiary that once traded in Israel, I should at least be allowed to wince at the gross hypocrisy when you constantly celebrate the President’s popularist platitudes regarding Israel.

While you were busy checking the barcodes on jam to make sure it wasn’t made in Israel, the government of the self-appointed saviour of the Muslims has been busy courting billions of dollars worth of bilateral trade with the very nation it condemns in public.

You must forgive my bitter cynicism, but I see all of these bold proclamations simply as part of the perpetual electioneering strategies of those desperate to cling hold to power at whatever cost.

Red lines may appeal to the masses, but as they say: actions speak louder that words.

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