Even angels ask

Most of us start with a position and then collect all of the available information to support it. In life, we are like undergraduate students who decide on a conclusion for their essay, and then set about gathering the data to prove their contention. Anything that does not conform to or support our position, we jettison and throw away. Anything that does support our position, no matter how spurious or contentious, we champion as incontrovertible evidence that must not be questioned.

From a partisan perspective, such an approach is often the easiest way forward. It is the path of least resistance. We believe whatever we want to believe, supporting our beliefs on the scaffolding of our own construction.

If we are interested in the truth, however, we are forced to adopt a completely different approach, wherein we continuously check all the information we have. Rather than starting with the answer and working backwards, we must start with a question and work forwards, for a good question is half of knowledge. Sometimes you have to have the courage to look beyond the image, at the subtle meanings that stand behind it.

In life, you should never take anything for granted. Instead, you must make an effort to find things out: you have to sit down to learn and reflect, even if it takes a lifetime. Be patient with yourself and your own ignorance in your quest to seek knowledge, moving forward at your own pace. If by nature we are ignorant, unjust and lazy, we must actively strive to correct ourselves, struggling hard not to be unjust to people.

If we believe we already have all the answers, then we are not on the road to discovery, and we are not truly seekers. But if, right now, you feel lost and find yourself afflicted with doubt, have courage. It shows that you care about your ultimate destination. Your dissatisfaction with the answers others give you, reveals your thirst to know. So take steps along that road. Ask your questions, ponder and reflect, and go ahead: seek answers. Perhaps you will find yourself in the company of those who ascended mountains, far away from their people, in search of ultimate truth.

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