It is wonderful that you see dreams which predict the future and through which all things are made clear. I am envious, for my dreams are ever of the mundane. Friends of mine see themselves flying in theirs; at most, I only see myself struggling with hills. Yes, dreams teeming with apparent meaning are a wondrous thing.

But remember that the entourage around Mohammed Abdullah al-Qahtani, who laid siege to Masjid al-Haram in 1979, also had lucid dreams, in which they believed him to be the Mahdi. At first they did not believe the dreams. But as they became more vivid, and all of them began to see similar dreams, so they became convinced that their dreams were true. Sadly, that escapade resulted in 255 deaths next to the Kaaba.

So be careful, oh dreamful one. Keep your dreams to yourself. Dreams may indeed be part of prophecy, but for certain you are not a prophet. Be careful with your dreams, dear friend, for no matter how real and true you think they are, they are best kept between you and your Lord. And God knows best. Sweet dreams.

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