Whom He wills

If you have wronged yourself, but have managed not to wrong others in the process, have faith that your Lord is forgiving and merciful. The door to repentance is open wide.

If you have wronged others, but have managed to rectify your affairs with those you wronged, may Allah have mercy on you: may He accept your sincere repentance and replace your bad deeds with good.

If you have wronged others, but have managed to construct a pious facade which obscures your wrongdoing in the eyes of many and allows you to continue perpetuating it without account: know that your Lord is merely giving you momentary reprieve… and just when you think yourself invincible, He will bring you down.

You must understand what everyone really knows. Eventually our pasts catch up with us, usually at the most inconvenient moment. And when Allah decrees a thing, nothing can prevent His decree.

“He exalts whom He wills and abases whom He wills. It is He who has revealed this admonition and it is He who will preserve it.”

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