Saved sects

Isn’t it strange that Muslims celebrate so much when a person embraces Islam? Because there seems to be nothing Muslims delight in more than declaring their fellow believers heretics, apostates or adherents of a sect destined for the hellfire, on the basis of assumed beliefs, imagined alliances and a large dose of group think.

Here’s a hint: if you believe you’re a member of The Saved Sect, then guess what, you’re a sect.

Yes we heard you! You alone are true Sunnis. Congratulations! Who cares? Who said you had to call yourself a Sunni? What’s wrong with Muslim, the only label out of the multitude of labels that has any basis?

Sunni sectarianism is as vile as every other kind of sectarianism, with its ever decreasing circles of belonging. It is no different from Wahabi sectarianism which they so deride – and which they declare every other believer to be.

Why celebrate the latest celebrity to allegedly embrace Islam, when you cannot embrace your fellow Muslims on their journey of faith? Who would want a slice of the odious arrogance which characterises our interactions today?

Not me, that’s for sure. If your way is so great, invite to it, don’t chase people away. As for me: too late, I’ve seen it for what it is.

One thought on “Saved sects

  1. Words like these, so few and rare, provide an important critique of the predominance of tribalism that Muslims enjoin and which Islam forbids.


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