New consensus

What we so-called leftie pc liberals recognised in the heady years after the fall of communism and apartheid was that all of humanity has the right to dignity and self-determination; that it is not nice to invade other people’s lands and then characterise the people as terrorists when they rise up against you.

For a brief spell we allowed ourselves to acknowledge that great wrongs had been done by our predecessors in bombarding and gassing local tribes from the biplanes across the Middle East and Africa, whom we characterised as mad, uncivilised primitives, resisting the invaders for no other reason than puerile fanaticism.

For a few brief years, there seemed to be a consensus that native peoples had a right to resist colonialism; that all nations deserved to be free.

But now we are told that we were all wrong. That might is right. That indigenous people no longer have the right to seek self-determination. That all that is wrong with the world is because we have been too weak, that we have not been assertive enough, that we have been too servile in demonstrating to the world that our way is the best. That we are a superior people, who by right should rule the world.

And so now all the talk is of taking the fight to all who stand in our way. To resist the resistance. To reassert our dominance and the rightness of our way of life for all, by whatever means possible. The new consensus seeks to remake the world in the image of the worst of us.

And the so-called leftie pc liberal is once more the enemy within, with his rancid platitudes about equality and compassion. He is the anti-patriot and an evil to be vanquished. He is all turn-the-other-cheek, peace and love, and naively internationalist.

He must be crushed first, and then the world.

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