Our tribes

For a people that allegedly stands firm against idolatry, the pervasive cult of celebrity witnessed in our communities is certainly perturbing. Could fame be the worst thing to happen to any of us?

The cult of celebrity frequently leads us down blind avenues. Tragically, we only seem to be able to view issues through the binary prisms of right or wrong, good or bad, love or hate. We don’t do nuance. You’re either with us or you’re against us. We’ll defend our team, come what may, and vanquish the opposition absolutely.

So it is that whenever those who have always hated a person pounce on what was said due to enmity, the real issue is immediately lost and is consequently ignored, by all sides. It happens so often on all manner of issues, from domestic violence and abuse to racism and corruption. In these games of love and hate, real issues are constantly ignored, to our detriment.

And yet outside our own peculiar bubble, these discussions are of no consequence. Whose side you were on, or who you chose to stand with, is irrelevant. So don’t just be mindful of the feelings of those you adore. Also be mindful of the feelings of those we choose to ignore.

The poor and dispossessed are frequently trampled upon by those who can only see the greatness of their leaders. Yes, it is great to make excuses for people, but sometimes our guides need good counsel too. To be reminded: ‘Whatever happened to “I don’t know”?’ To be reminded that they are but human, and that the followings and fan clubs will pass.

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