Licorice allsorts

Some light reading for those seeking something more wholesome than Muslamic conspiracy theories, government propaganda and pious apologetics.

Media Wars and the Gülen Factor in the New Turkey – MER Sept 2011

Altruistic Society or Sect? The Shadowy World of the Islamic Gülen Movement – Der Spiegal Aug 2012

Ergenekon, Sledgehammer and the politics of Turkish justice: conspiracies and coincidence – MERIA June 2011

Fethullah Gülen’s Grand Ambition: Turkey’s Islamist Danger – MEQ Winter 2009

Turkish imam Fethullah Gulen wields power from self-imposed exile – FT Dec 2013

The 2014 Turkish Municipal Elections Under the Impact of the December 17 Process – TAD

What Future For the Fethullah Gülen Movement in Central Asia and the Caucasus? – CAC July 2014

Gülen: The Ambiguous Politics of Market Islam in Turkey and the World

The House of Service: The Gülen Movement and Islam’s Third Way – OUP 2014

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