Defending the indefensible

For too many of our social commentators, reactions to current affairs are based not on ethics or the idea of right and wrong, but on who’s side you’re on.

Over the weekend I heard and read many commentators switching seamlessly from rightly condemning terrorist acts perpetuated by Muslims to celebrating the attempted violent overthrow of a democratically elected government and the country’s democratic system.

For all intents and purposes, the latter was an act of terrorism on a large scale. Its aim was to change and disrupt the way of life of ordinary people, and enforce anti-democratic values on them.

Could any of us imagine talk-show hosts lamenting a failed terrorist attack? It would be an abomination. But on my car radio this weekend, I listened as a talk-show host lamented that this coup had failed and that the elected president had not been killed.

Sadly those leading the nation’s conversation speak of the sanctity of life, the rule of law and democracy only when it suits them. There is not much difference between them and the apologists, hate preachers and ideologues on the other side.

Like those who bravely resisted a coup this weekend, we too should resist this madness. “O you who have believed, stand firmly for justice, witnesses for God, even if it be against yourselves…”

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