The opposition

It’s wonderful that everyone is saying that Jeremy Corbyn has the full support of Labour party members.

My question is how he will appeal to people like me who are not party members, who want to see a strong, effective opposition capable of holding an increasingly right wing and vindictive government to account.

Maybe politics is all marketting, spin and bluster; maybe Corbyn represents a rare quality of substance over style. Had he the fluency, the eloquence and the forcefulness of the late Tony Benn, perhaps I’d say, “Yes, this is the man to stand up for us.”

He has all the traits of a wonderful neighbour or community activist: an admirably compassionate and empathetic personality. But his ability to lead is just not coming across to me as a potential voter, worried about the future of my country.

He and his supporters need to show me that he is absolutely the man for the job. So far all I have been offered is sound bites.

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