Killing the message

I wish we could move beyond these pathetic polarised debates lacking all nuance. Every time an unpopular politician seizes upon an issue in pursuit of their own political agenda it kills all discussion of the real issues effecting us.

Watch the backlash against the government’s latest initiative. Watch how the politics of identity and belonging will silence all of those working on the ground at the grassroots level, who have been trying for years to make themselves heard.

Women’s groups that have been working tirelessly for years to address domestic violence, discrimination, poverty, forced marriages and a whole range of other social ills will now witness the full force of the counter-narrative, which seeks to pretend that none of these issues exist.

We seem to be incapable of rejecting an agenda which seeks to otherise the Muslim community, whilst simultaneously working to address very real issues that cut across all communities. In short, by engaging in combative bi-partisan politics, we fail those most in need of support and advocacy.

2 thoughts on “Killing the message

  1. I’m not sure how learning English will help stop extremism either, many of those who have carried out/plotted atrocities have been highly educated. Speaking English does not promote integration into British… Blah, blah, blah, big long 500 word copy-and-paste rant.


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