Democratic Reforms

Turkey is in need of many democratic reforms, but first amongst them must be to restrict a Prime Minister’s tenure to no more than two terms.

A party which began by doing so much good — yes, bringing both justice and development as promised — seems to be rapidly spinning out of control in its efforts to maintain power.

The Prime Minister turned President should have retired years ago, when his legacy was one to be proud of. Now it is just a tragically unfolding spectacle too painful to watch. It is like the Blair years on repeat.

Nobody remembers any of the positive reforms the early Blair government presided over — the Peace Process, SureStart, improved NHS care — we only recall the long, bitter wars and economic collapse that followed.

I fear for Turkey these days. Power, once it has been tasted, is too delicious to abandon, too addictive to give up. It is a drug too powerful for the soul. The next government needs to self-medicate: introduce a cap on the number of terms a leader can serve.

Let the honourable leave office honoured and respected. Don’t wait until you’re despised, and verging on the brink of insanity.

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