This austere mindset

UNICEF claimed child poverty is soaring in the UK due to the Government’s austerity measures. Charities lament 1 million people relying on food banks. The electorate responds: “We don’t care: long gone is our social ethic — our concern for the poor and vulnerable amongst us. The money in our pockets trumps all.”

“I’m alright Jack, sod the poor, the sick and the vulnerable.” Self interest reigns.

Bring back Christian socialism. Bring to the fore the Quakers. Come again the Barney Hughes, George Cadburys, Joseph Rowntrees, Edward Rustons and William Alisons. A society which says “sod the poor” is no society at all.

Somehow we need to overcome this austere mindset we’ve developed: to reawaken the concern for others in our hearts; to create a movement which promotes the generosity of spirit; to live lives in the service of others. Not as slaves to the holy Pound.


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