Missing the point

We can protest about misrepresentation all we like, but the truth is that the message about Da’ish from people with popular influence has not reached those who need to hear it.

If you find yourself with a position of respected influence amongst young Muslims and you have come to a conclusion about Da’ish that it is an evil force, you need to get those views out there to have a real impact on those at risk of falling prey to their propaganda.

A straight forward, unequivocal declaration on the wrongness of their actions would have been far more helpful for those naïve teenagers perhaps still wavering about running away from home and jumping on a plane to Turkey, than an article which, while condemning ISIS, nevertheless sought to understand their narrative. These youngsters need to hear the former argument clearly articulated.

The point has been missed: it is not about getting the message across to journalists and social commentators. It’s about reaching the vulnerable in our communities who are at risk from the narrative of despair.

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