Speak Up

Events like this are meant to silence us in multiple ways.

To silence our response to extremism, because it must be on mainstream terms.

To silence our opinions, because they supposedly legitimize the actions of extremists.

To silence our voices in our own communities, because the world is framed as a polarized us and them.

To silence our compassion for the wronged elsewhere, because victimhood is political.

I suggest we resist: speak up. Speak kindly, graciously, gently, politely and fairly. Speak against yourself if you are wrong and for yourself if you are right. Speak the truth. Speak with and of justice. Speak no lie and never in vain. Speak up.

“…stand firmly in justice, witnesses for God, even if against yourselves or parents and relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, God is more worthy of both…” 4:135

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