Nobody likes the weekly shop, but this is how I approach it…

1) Think of it as sadaqa to your family. Then it becomes an act of worship, done for the pleasure of Allah.

2) Always buy the same things from the same store. Then all the choice disappears. You become like a blinkered horse.

3) Recognise that the Islamic definition of manliness is not the same as cultural definitions. Manliness is embodying traits that bring us closer to Allah. Hence, in serving our parents, our wives and family we are not Modern men, but Muslim men.

And finally….

4) Stop worrying about getting it right. We have all bought coriander instead of parsley, cucumber instead of courgettes, grapefruit instead of orange. These are just stories to tell our grandchildren.

Mind you, our grandchildren won’t know what a shop is; they will just blink at their Google Glass and dinner will pop out of a 3D printer.

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