Tiny Steps

I am continuously humbled by the generosity of my Lord, for no matter how far I fall, His Mercy is never failing. Over recent weeks I have made the tiniest steps back to Him, shunning the folly that evaporated a decade, and yet He has responded with great openings for me, brought forth without any effort on my part. They are too profound to articulate — or perhaps I am just too lazy to set it down — but it has touched me deeply.

For nearly eight years I have attended my local masjid and never understood a word the imam has said, yet in recent days a companion has sat at my side and whispered a translation of his lessons into my ear. MashaAllah, the imam is a  humble man, though nonetheless wise and learned. In time doors are opened up to us, but we have to leave a little bit of ourselves behind before we can see and appreciate them.

I vaguely recall a saying of the past: your turning to Him is in fact His turning to you, or your turning to Him is fact His turning you to Him. It feels like I have handed over my affairs to Him and He has responded with perfect Mercy. Even the tiniest steps make a difference.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Steps

  1. I have always felt that at that moment where I am just about to fall off the path, at that turning which will lead me far away from God, at that point where the next step will cause me to be utterly lost Allah sends someone or something to pull me back.


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