Muslamic Ray Guns

Indeed, how hilarious: those Muslamic ray guns. How our sides split when we encountered the slurred petitions of the EDL supporter interviewed by Press TV last year. Or not.

No, instead I just think of that video and the vile reaction to it — the sniggers, the mocking words, the superiority complexes — whenever another news story like today’s breaks.

It sums us up. The hideous humour went viral, sending the accidental satire to Muslim inboxes across the land. Somehow we didn’t notice the other story going viral, landing in all the other inboxes.

It is a dark day when we can make light of atrocious crimes like this, laughing off the complaints of a nation because the messenger was illiterate. Muslamic rape gangs, and we laugh.

One thought on “Muslamic Ray Guns

  1. aiman

    Given the reality of societies having different idenities, for “our sides” to divert from these terrible, cruel crimes of subjugation is pure oppressive. If “we” cannot empathise and respect fellow human beings who are of another colour or religion or gender, “our” protests against foreign policy demonstrate nothing more than ethnocentricism, and which just happen to coincide with human rights.

    In reviewing Rushdie’s oldest essasys, Richard Webster finds: “The result is a kind of racialism-in-reverse in which he speaks out as the member of a class of wronged and all-virtuous victims against the enemy – the corrupt, all-sinful whites.”


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