O people of the interwebs!

O people of the interwebs, tell me something positive!

What, pray, is the purpose of the daily trawl of the online press for tales of woe afflicting the Muslims, condensed and abbreviated into bite-sized chunks for readers to absorb in a fit of never ending misery? Will nobody stand up and say enough is enough? Why, kind sirs all inclusive, must we constantly record all that keeps us in a state of perpetual gloom? Is this, I have to ask, the way it was meant to be?

I fear a bout of seasonal melancholy is coming my way. If tales of joy do not arrive pretty swiftly, I shall blame my demise on this rampant morass of negativity. I have no time for this, but I am minded to start a blog entitled, People being awfully nice to one another Watch. I know it doesn’t have a very good ring to it, but I’m not sure bleakophobia is a word.

If anyone has any happy tales to share, please do forward them to me at the earliest opportunity. This is an urgent request, so please do not procrastinate. I look forward to being amazed by the sheer humanity of my fellow humans, for which I shall be eternally grateful. I thank you.

4 thoughts on “O people of the interwebs!

  1. I take it the lack of comments proves your point, right?

    On the other hand, we as people have a tendency to forget and have short-term memory. Until we go through the chaos, hate, oppression and occupation, it will never be etched into our minds. So every gloomy story is another stab at our minds.


  2. They say if you hear the Final Hour approaching and you are busy planting a tree, finish planting. I’m happy to report my newly-planted durian, rambutan, starfruit, papaya, jackfruit and mangosteen trees have all put out a flush of new growth this rainy season and look to grow a foot by year’s end. If the world doesn’t end first.


  3. As the scholar expounded on the amazing things found in Paradise, a man from the audience asked: “I love my cigarettes, can I smoke in Paradise?”

    At once the scholar replied: “Yes you can, but to light it up you have to use the fires of Hell.”


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