Conversation with the nafs

These days I am repeatedly having a particular conversation with my nafs. It always goes something like this:

Realisation: It’s time to put everything aside, to focus on my deen and on increasing my knowledge.

Nafs: But what about your novel? Are you really going to abandon it now after all that work you already put in?

Realisation: It will have to wait. My deen is more important.

Nafs: But it’s important that this story was told.

Realisation: I’m still young. Why hurry?

Nafs: You know death could come at any time. You should write before it’s too late.

Realisation: Yes, death could come at any time. And what have I prepared for it? I have to prioritise.

Nafs: So all that work goes down the drain?

Realisation: If death comes tomorrow, the novel will not help me. If longer years are decreed, I will return to it in the extra time.

Nafs: Don’t you want to achieve anything in life?

Realisation: Whatever I achieve will be worthless if I fail on my basic duties…

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