Coarse words

There is a particularly coarse post out there in blogland by a convert to Islam about the alleged intrusion of those who ask, “Any passengers?” / “Are you expecting?” / “Don’t worry, I’ve known so many couples in your situation.” In my experience the people who ask these question are genuinely interested and / or possibly concerned, but well-meaning regardless. I certainly have never thought them to be nosy. For most people my response is a reaonable, “Insha Allah.” Occaisionally there are faint tears. But never would I harbour malice laiden grief against them. Really, the Muslim is one who should see blessing in these people’s words. A sadaqa for them or for you. These aren’t excuses to curse our friends and family. For us it is a reason to be patient, which is a sadaqa for ourselves. It is also a reason for us to be grateful to them for even asking, which is another sadaqa for ourselves. So alhamdulilah is the best response, not coarse words, not malice.

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