Oh Muslim youth, I weep for you. Those of you who gather outside the mosque immediately after Jummah prayer, the F-word already littering your conversations once more. Those of you stunting on your mountain bikes in front of old ladies so that they quake in their shoes. Those of you who park on private property and angrily argue with the owner about how you must, or else you will be late for the prayer. Those of you who throw drinks cans from the window of your car as you speed away. Those of you out on the town, inebriated by your alcohol consumption, who stamp on a stranger’s head, leaving him dead on the pavement. Oh Muslim youth I weep for you. You were given the greatest of gifts and you have thrown it away.

I weep for you, but still I have hope. Perchance Allah will replace you with a better nation.

2 thoughts on “Ode

  1. GRrrrrrr… they make me so angry! But i will restrain myself….May Allah t’ala protect us from such evil.Salams


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