All of a sudden

There a times when I am amazed by the bouties of Allah. The last two days without any effort on my part He has inspired me with good deeds. Such a sudden swing without explanation. Allah has always been generous to me. Sometimes it scares me, for I fear I am being granted all the good in this world, but all of us must have high hopes. Last night I was inspired to pick Imam Bukhari’s Al-Adab Al-Mufrad (A code for everyday living: the example of the early Muslims) from my bookshelf and I have been reading it ever since. True knowledge, the knowledge of our religion is such a pleasure, such a lightness, such a breeze. I am so incredibly grateful. Allah provides so much. This is one of many books so generously sent to me by a considerate publisher; I do not request them, expect them or pay for them, but Allah provides. For too long they sit on my shelf gathering dust, but they remain for times like this. My heart is filled with joy, for there is so much comfort in the words in that hard-back volume. I was reading it not ten minutes ago, when suddenly Allah inspired me with a good deed for my wife. Finished, I reflecting with amazement on His bounty. And I felt I had to sit and share it.

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