Oh for the minarets of Istanbul

Whilst sitting at my desk composing my last post a minute ago, two computers on in front of me (my book is on the laptop, but I had writers block, so I switched on my ancient whining monster to check my emails), I was just thrust back to Istanbul. On both computers I have Islamasoft’s Athan Software. Please don’t tell me that it is not the real athan, just electro-magnetic signals, because I already know this; I have it because it reminds me to leave these sentences behind. The sound of the athan is also beautiful and I like to have beauty in my home. I was taken back to Istanbul because the clock on my laptop is a minute behind the other one that updates to the atomic clock every time I go on line. So the first athan started, drifting from the speakers by my feet as if somewhere in the distance. And then the built-in sound on the laptop began half-way through. It was angelic and I could almost hear the foghorns on the Bosporus.

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