It isn’t actually difficult to appreciate how radicalisation occurs. Last night I had the misfortune of deciding to watch the previous evening’s edition of Newsnight on the web and was thus bombarded with the disgusting images emerging from Abu Ghraib I had so far managed to avoid. In my case I found that the sense of frustration and powerlessness in the face of such inhumanity heightened my emotions so that in my mind I began to mull over how we should respond. Some of those ideas surprised me.

When my wife asked me to supplicate to our Lord after Isha on behalf of the victims, I was lost for words. I didn’t know what to pray. My wife told me that prayer is the weapon of believers, but the sense of despair blanked my mind. And I suppose this must be quite a common complaint amongst those of us who lack real knowledge. Against a backdrop of that sense of futility and despair, an action normally considered extreme might start to settle in the mind as the only viable alternative to doing nothing.

I believe I live a fairly sheltered existence given my deliberate abstention from television. I know the power of the moving image well as it grips you, etching itself on the mind. Having seen those images last night and checked my own reaction, it is not difficult to imagine the likely affect on a young man in a Muslim country constantly exposed to the drip-drip of brutality represented on his own TV channels. As for those who experience it first hand, I wonder how they could not react in the manner we all condemn; only those with the greatest faith could surely withstand the abuse perpetuated against them and their people.

Isn’t that sad; the voice said to exude sanity in a world of depravity has turned a corner. We really should fear where this new world order is leading us.

4 thoughts on “Radicalisation

  1. Brings to mind the saying of the Prophet: “The most severly tested amongst mankind are the Prophets, then those most like them (in resemblance), then those most like them.”And in one narration:”…and the saalihoon(righteous ones).”And this hadeeth brings to mind the verse from the Qur’an: “And we have appointed for every Prophet an enemy from the criminal/sinners.”In a sense, being tested through the bombardment of these horrific images, i.e. trials, is a means of drawing ever closer to our Creator.”Were it not for our ability to sin and err, and return to Him in repentance, would we truly understand the blessings he bestows on us? I wonder.”Sometimes we need to see these images in order to draw us out of the comfort zone which envelopes and numbes us.


  2. Salaamalaykum Brother,I don’t think we need to fear. It is easy to do so; but we need to remember that Allah is control – not the ‘New World Order.’We all experience those ‘radical feelings’ sometimes. I myself, as well as many others around me felt those same feelings when seeing those pictures. The test is in how we react- that feeling of utter helplessness is undeniable. Yet, we need to get back up again and make dua, let people know what is going on, the lawyers amongst us must use their collective power to bring the perpertrators to justice.It’s strange though. Because even as I write these words, I sense a feeling of reluctance within me to accept them. I don’t see anyone doing anything.What’s even more strange is the way we all reacted to the caricatures of our Beloved Prophet, salallahu alayhi wasallam, and now the deafening silence to these photos.


  3. subhanAllah it’s true, the feeling of complete hopelessness. that’s why abu eesa (of prophetic guidance fame) said he doesnt like talking abt the cartoons, as there’s not a whole lot we can do abt it, and it just makes u feel shame and dispair… innalla ma as-sabireen.


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