Reflections on Luther’s Epistle of Straw

ONE MAY wonder why I would choose to write reflections on The Letter from James.1 The answer primarily boils down to a personal reason. From the time I was about fifteen, I slipped almost continually between atheism, agnosticism, deism and doubt. During my second stay on the Isle of Iona2, overwhelmed by emotion and the beauty of the music in the abbey, I rejected God. I pretended to myself that God was not real and, from that point, I began questioning life, our existence, meaning, and myself. I hated attending church after that, for I felt like a hypocrite, uttering words I didn’t believe in and singing hymns I wished to avoid. But in my second year of university, I began to seek answers and I began to make an effort to discover what religious people call the truth. So, impressed by the preaching of John Stott at All Souls in central London, I began attending that church every Sunday just to listen to the sermons. Meanwhile, at the same time, I took to reading the Bible.

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Now you know me… Now you don’t

It’s strange. To the other tenents in my flat I was ‘nice’. I was a bit quiet, quite polite, considerate and gentle. I was just, to them, ‘nice’. But suddenly, one day, I was a manifestation of evil. Someone to be ignored and hated. No more patronising “Oh, you’re so good”s when they found me hoovering the stairs; I was now to be frowned upon. To be whispered about and to be slandered. Because yesterday I was one imagined character, and today I am another. They had all heard that I had embraced Islam.

A religion of reform

GOD SAYS in the Qur’an: ‘Surely does God hold the heavens and the earth, lest they cease. And if they should cease, none can hold them after Him.’ (Fatir, 35:41) And: ‘And if God were to impose blame upon the people for what they have earned, He would not leave upon it any creature. But He defers them until an appointed term.’ (Fatir, 35:45)

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The contribution of Industrialisation to water pollution in South East Asia

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The development of the oil industry in Iran

In 1990, Middle Eastern Oil reserves were believed to account for 65.5 percent of the world total. This region is of, if now declining, importance to the global economy, and within the region, Iran has played an important part. In this article, I look at the development of the oil industry in Iran from 1900 until its attempt at nationalisation in 1951. Here I present an examination of the infrastructure of the region and how this has affected the industry’s development.

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