I wanted to hide away
And be anonymous.
I wanted to hide away:
Delete my face.
I wanted to be hidden,
I wanted a private world,
I wanted to be in my world.
I wanted to hide away.

I wore a black hat,
Though the sun was hot,
For it covered my head
And I felt anonymous.

I chose a silent world,
Though the world was fine,
For, in my silence,
I felt anonymous.

But as I tried to hide away,
As I slowly, slipped away,
My thoughts became intense
And the pain was immense.
I had a real reason
To hide myself away.

I concentrated my hurt
And I focused my mind.
Three weeks of aimless wandering,
Venting irritation on my friends,
There came the time
When I was ready
And found out what was wrong.

I intensified my feelings;
I poured each tiny one out,
And struck an arrow
Through my victim’s soul.

Standing now,
I was hidden away,
Anonymous and hidden from view.
My face, beyond recognition;
Deleted face.
At last I was free:
Hidden away.

I wanted to be hidden.
I wanted my private world.
I wanted to be in my own world,
So I made myself burn away.

At last, I am nothing.
I don’t see them smiling at me,
When I know the truth,
That they have no trust for me.
At last, I am anonymous.
I don’t hear a dishonest “Hello.”
At last, I am truly free,
I don’t see what they think of me.

I wanted to become nothing;
To become invisible.
I wanted to hide away;
To be, silently, free.

And now that I’m invisible
And hidden from their eyes,
I feel a kind of freedom;
An unknown, quiet peace.
Now that I am invisible
I can leap and fly away.
I have no place in that world;
I will spread my wings and fly.

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