It is when you feel down that you really realise that the friends you have are worth more than anyone else in the world. It should be obvious that the friends you have are worth more than the ones you don’t. I was so, so down one evening; I had hurt someone in a desperate attempt to become anonymous and to be someone that I’m not. Someone who was arrogant and carefree. Someone who could blame someone else for his own mistakes.

I had become anonymous, for the other person ignored me, but she despised me too. And no matter how I had denied my guilt at the time, now I felt as guilty as sin. I spent hours cursing myself, wishing that I could slip away and become truly invisible. Wishing that they would forget me and lose their recognition; truly invisible.

In the end, I found the courage to phone a friend, just needing someone to talk to. And that friend listened, advised, told me to pull myself together and that I had no right to waste the talents I held, by running off. Fifteen minutes on the phone transformed my misery into understanding. Fifteen minutes later, after I tapped the four digits into the phone, I realised what good friends I have. As for the mistake I made, I just have to accept I make these. A friend told me that.

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