Trying not to conform, to conform 

I lied about what I believe in 

Because I was bored of agreeing with everything she said. 

I said I didn’t believe in marriage. I said it was dead. 

I lied because I was bored of looking like a follower, 

I was bored of looking like I was doing everything to please her. 

I made a statement, but it wasn’t one of mine. 

I suppose that makes two of us; we both told lies. 

I made a loud statement 

Because I wanted them to turn to me, 

Something I had no opinion of. Something I couldn’t see. 

I was seeking attention, self-centred me. 

I see them watching my great friend and I wish that he was me. 

I argued with my friend, but really I agreed with him. 

You’re selfish, man. You’re selfish. You’re selfish stupid Tim. 

I wanted to be more than what they think of me. 

I wanted to be more that what they see. 

I wanted to show them my independence, 

But with everything they said, I found myself, 

Honestly, having to agree. 

I felt like a copy cat. I felt like a nobody. 

I wanted them to see that I am not what they think. 

I tried. I lied. I failed. I am what they think. 

You think I am nothing, 

Therefore I am. 

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