Transport and the environment

A report was published a few weeks ago about the damage to the environment that  cars do to the environment. There are alternatives to the uses of private cars, one of which is public transport. Compared to other European countries, Britain’s public transport system is poor. France has a reliable highspeed train service, while Britain has a fairly reliable slow highspeed train service.

France has long straight tracks to allow trains to get up to maximum speed. Some countries have tram systems in most of their towns. Britain has tram systems in some towns. Sheffield is a very up to date one. The public transport system cannot be completely be put to blame for the use of cars more. When buses are irregular and uncomfortable people say that they would use public transport if it was more efficient. When it is efficient, like in Sheffield, people say “I use my car because it is easier for moving my shopping.

Since the privatisation of the buses, most major towns have at least two bus companies, providing regular and efficient service. Many buses are very old, but then so are many in other European countries. Almost everybody has access to the public transport service, although the record on access for those with disabilities seems to be unfavourable. Especially access to trains by wheel chair. Our transport system may not be as good as that of other European countries, but it is adequate for the majority, if we were not so stuck in our ways. Many car drivers say that they think more car drivers should use public transport, but of course they mean other car drivers.

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