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Even after

11 November, 2013 Timothy Bowes 0

To remain steadfast after repentance is never easy. That moment of sincerity whilst falling down on your face in regret, resolving never to repeat those […]

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Misplaced Investments

7 November, 2013 Timothy Bowes 0

Do not invest in your sins, for they will be difficult to leave when the time for repentance descends. I speak from experience, sadly.

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Be vigilant

2 November, 2010 Timothy Bowes 2

One lesson that experience teaches me is that sincere repentance must always be followed by vigilance. In Ramadan we have the gift of being able […]

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Easter weekend

15 April, 2006 Timothy Bowes 7

It is Easter weekend and I am staying in the Rectory with my parents. As both of them are vicars responsible for different churches, they […]