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Misplaced Investments

Do not invest in your sins, for they will be difficult to leave when the time for repentance descends. I speak from experience, sadly.

07. November 2013 by Timothy Bowes
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I guess one mistake we make when we set out upon this road is to assume that we are important, or that the world does or should revolve around us. Very soon we grow despondent because nobody notices us, while … Continue reading

04. October 2013 by Timothy Bowes
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Conquering darkness

In the two years before I first uttered my shahada, I came to fancy myself as a fine writer, although my only real talent was to have the patience to hammer out a million words on a keyboard in the … Continue reading

22. July 2013 by Timothy Bowes
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Riotous Nafs

In this month of clemency, our Lord sent us a mercy in the form of a man who refused to fly into an unholy rage when his son was torn away from him in the midst of the anarchic disintegration … Continue reading

14. August 2011 by Timothy Bowes
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The curse of addiction

There is a disease that I have harboured for the best part of my life. It accompanied me as a child, an adolescent and an adult; as a Christian, an atheist, an agnostic and a Muslim; and in times of … Continue reading

09. October 2009 by Timothy Bowes
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