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Secret Muslims

30 December, 2012 Timothy Bowes 1

Comment is free | Monday 10 December 2012 10.31 GMT Muslim women face an uphill battle against prejudice to find work Many Muslim women feel […]

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What happened?

25 December, 2012 Timothy Bowes 2

Do Muslims really exist? I often find myself pondering this question. Do they exist in the workplace? Where are they? Whenever a new member of […]

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Of a mountain

18 September, 2011 Timothy Bowes 1

The reality of this road is that it is difficult. It may be straight, but it is steep and at times rough, and often vulnerable […]

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Be vigilant

2 November, 2010 Timothy Bowes 2

One lesson that experience teaches me is that sincere repentance must always be followed by vigilance. In Ramadan we have the gift of being able […]

From Whispers

17 October, 2010 Timothy Bowes 6

I had only just repented for the sins of the previous days and returned to my Lord ashamed when, on my return from a brief […]

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15 June, 2010 Timothy Bowes 5

Two or three years ago in one very insignificant corner of the internet, a huge argument broke out between proponents of vaguely different interpretations of […]