• Dear Celebrity Reformer

    You probably don’t remember me, but you took me under your wing in the late evening of the day I uttered my testimony of faith. You […]

  • In this climate

    With ever-worsening climate conditions, those of us who live in temperate regions are just going to have to get used to increased incoming migration from […]

  • Letter to myself

    Dear Younger Self, Salam alaikum! I am writing to you from the future. In a couple of years I will be 40; you have just […]

  • Awake

    Pinch yourself. Awake! The Internet is like Alice in Wonderland, a strange unreality, so unbelievably true. The maddening clamour of decapitated voices call to folly, […]


Down the rabbit hole

24 May, 2017 0

The triumphant traditionalists demand that we wipe our memory clean, and forget the rebellion they enjoined at the turn of the decade, when answers were apparently […]

In defence of losers

17 March, 2017 0

I used to be extremely timid in company. These days I find myself accidentally challenging people when they start making sweeping generalisations and outlandish claims. […]

The schizophrenia of the times

27 July, 2016 1

My newsfeed reveals a schizophrenic attitude to faith and conflict. Today’s conflicts and violence are condemned absolutely, while the triumphant conquests of the past enjoy […]

Active gratitude

30 September, 2015 0

Do our self-appointed community activists not find it at all problematic that while maintaining a website documenting alleged discrimination against Muslims, they allow people to post inflammatory […]

Virtuous Reality

28 June, 2010 1

Who sits this side of the computer terminal, tapping out words that shoot out across the web? Nobody knows. Nobody knows if the author is […]

“We need to do something”

15 March, 2015 0

This weekend marks four years since the beginning of the crisis in Syria. While Assad is hardly ever mentioned today, up until last summer the […]