Every once in a while it’s necessary to pause and take stock. To ask those key questions: are these words true, are they of benefit, are they virtuous, are they kind? Words scare me, though sometimes they run away with me. Sometimes you have to stop, stand still for a while and review where you’ve got to. What is my purpose here? What are my aims? Is it necessary to write up every thought that springs to mind? Is it necessary to keep a record going back years and years? So here I pause for thought and ask myself: where am I going? What am I doing here? What is this website for? Is it time to discipline my tongue and my typing fingers? Or is there benefit in sharing my thoughts? Where does one go in this noisy world? Do you participate in the great debate of life? Or do you withdraw and take refuge in silence and a semi-monastic life? These are the questions on my mind these days. Is it time to reboot?