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Saviour politics

Pious governments have a habit of stirring emotions at devout gatherings — always covered my government media — which make religious masses the world over ooh and ahh at their saintly leadership. The right statement at the right time about feeding their brothers in faith in the face of the intolerable actions of others will always go down a treat, whatever the political indent behind their well-chosen words. In these peculiar times, all across social media the faithful will gush over their intervention, lauding their astute religiosity without pause.

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Foster carers

We started the process to become foster carers a few years ago. We attended the initial intensive mandatory training sessions, staying the course despite intrusive questioning and the air of suspicion that seemed to hang over us because of our religious beliefs.

However it became clear as we began the assessment process that there was no way we could actually afford to be foster carers; as this article says, there was no pay for this 24/7 full-time job, just a rather meagre childcare allowance. We realised shortly afterwards that foster caring, at that stage, was not for us. There may be immense rewards in looking after children in great need, but it is no easy life.

Foster carers deserve immense respect for the work they do, not the perpetual animosity of society and the state. 

True story

This is a true story, claims the article circulated thousands of times. But all I can think is, how do I know this true story is true?

Brexit End Timers

The most rabid Brexitiers are like Apocalyptic End Timers: they look forward to the economic meltdown to come, because it will presage the new Far Right utopia the dream of.


I thought I was reading an evangelical website focussed on the Christian faith, until I saw the comments left by readers, which were even more maniacal, unbalanced and hateful than even the standard rabid responses to articles in the Daily Mail.

The rush to judgement, unwillingness to verify facts, hostility to the other, resistance to forgive, fervour to attack and pervasive hubris, in which conceit and self-righteousness trumps all — this all came as a shock to me, having clearly spent too much time with Methodists and Anglicans who believe in creating a better world for all.

Muslim foster carers

I am very dubious about stories concerning Muslim foster carers in the press, allegedly depriving a five year-old Christian girl of her cultural heritage, leaving her distraught and afraid.

Prospective foster parents are heavily vetted before they are allowed to foster, as anyone who has gone through the process can attest. And in my experience, people with religious beliefs are especially scrutinised and challenged for their views on a range of thought-to-be difficult topics.

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Having the most powerful army on earth isn’t worth much if you can’t respond to an emergency in your own back yard.

Dawah men

These dawah men are a funny breed. They spend half their lives trying to make people Muslim, and the other half telling Muslims that they’re heretics.

Religious salesmen

I must confess that I am not a fan of social media adverts which begin by mentioning the blessings of good deeds done in the first 10 days of dhul hijjah, moments before begging for money.

Yes, the blessings are real, and yes the need is great. But somehow these adverts just don’t sit well with me. Tell us about the blessings or tell us about the need, but don’t mix the two, imposing a deadline on us. It doesn’t feel sincere at all.


Teach your children that neither Islam nor Christianity is a race. A mosque is not a cultural social centre for a particular ethnic group. It is a place of worship for all people, be they black or white, Asian, African, European or American.

There is a real problem in society with racial understandings of religion. Unfortunately knowledge or lack of knowledge doesn’t come into it. I’ve personally sat through a lecture during which the learned sheikh used gora interchangeably for non-Muslim throughout. I had to complain at the end, where the mistake was acknowledged, but nevertheless excused as force of habit.

These little habits may not amount to much, but they have a tendency to coalesce into a collective attitude which builds walls instead of bridges. Hence they should be challenged.

Take the time to sit down with your children today to explain to them that Islam is a religion for all people, no matter their background or where they are from. And let us put an end to these ridiculous false racist constructs which divide us.

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