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Dear noble scholar,

We value your knowledge in the sacred sciences and we defer to your wisdom in matters of religion.

But just as you ask us not to stray into your field and speak without knowledge, can we likewise ask you to stop straying into fields you plainly know nothing about.

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Monetising religion

Monetising Islam almost always ends in tears — and the involvement of pious, sincere, righteous scholars is absolutely no guarantee of relief.

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More and more I appreciate the wisdom of my mentor, who says that scholars should always have their own employment in order to maintain their independence from corrupting influences, be they state power or the lure of riches that come from selling religion.


Some people may read my frequent ramblings about the affairs of our community and conclude that I am anti-scholar — that I reject their guidance and leadership — but that is not the case.

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Spiritual Abuse

Umm Zakiyyah: Abuse Is a Blessing, Muslim Cults Taught Me

Exploiting power


Whenever any kind of crisis occurs in the Muslim community, it becomes clear almost immediately that we are incapable of responding justly. If the person or group accused of wrongdoing is from our own sect, school, madrassa or tariqah — or is simply our friend — we will give them their seventy excuses without a moment’s pause. If not, then not a moment will be wasted in attacking them. We are uninterested in justice. We are only interested in the dominance of our side.


The Muslim community cannot hear, because it will not listen. Dissent is not tolerated. Criticism is always an insult or an attack, against which the subject must be earnestly defended.

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Leave him alone with his heresies, they say. Banish him; send him away. Ignore him and do not reply. He has gone too far this time. Don’t feed the opinionated troll, who knows not of what he speaks.¬†Yes, it’s lonely being the heretic of your time. Be silent, they demand. Be quiet.

If only I had not opened that door: to possibilities previously ignored.

Imperial Archives

On numerous Muslim news sites in Turkey and now on social media, the document below is being celebrated as evidence of a timeworn relationship of solidarity between the Turkish people and the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar.

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