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Franchise opportunity

23 July, 2017 Timothy Bowes 0

Depressed about the lack of unity between Muslims? Then join our Islamic Pyramid scheme today. Um, I mean franchise opportunity, that’s totally not cultish at […]

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21 March, 2017 Timothy Bowes 0

Hey! Read my longwinded message which proves that such and such is HARAM!! Here is a verse from the Qur’an to prove it! Now you […]

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10 February, 2017 Timothy Bowes 0

Assalamunalaukizum! Are you a gullible beardo looking to replayz your Toyota Corolla wid a Bentley? You are? Then sign up for our Islamic Pyramid Scheme […]

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New world order

9 November, 2016 Timothy Bowes 0

Not to worry, “The Political Establishment” will push him under a train soon enough to give the conspiracy nuts who voted for him something else to be […]

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12 September, 2015 Timothy Bowes 0

Want to be popular? Famous even? You do? Then sign up to our free premium webinar today where we’ll teach you the very opposite of […]

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Pointing fingers

16 June, 2015 Timothy Bowes 0

Another day and another tale of a family in disarray as sisters, wives, daughters, sons make the journey to their new utopia in the heart of […]

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13 May, 2014 Timothy Bowes 0

Some people never get over Convertitis, but for most people it is like Chickenpox: you only get it once. While it can linger for some […]