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To return

Perhaps now is the time to return to the Qur’an. To read, and ponder and reflect deeply on passages set out before us. Perhaps the time has come to stop investing in false idols: in the cerebral ramblings of men — however great they may be — and return to the verses of our Lord. Perhaps the Most Merciful is calling us. Perchance we will respond.


I’ll never be Muslim-enough for my believing brethren. But here I must remind myself: you’re a Muslim for your Lord, not for people. That is the relationship that matters.


So what is it that eats away within today, which causes this unease and unrest? Indeed: it is arrogance. The arrogance of my soul and my writing, and the realisation that it there in full view for everyone to see, dragging me down and far away from my desired destination. And how does this happen? The noise of the world and the clamour of the crowd sends me off in different directions, away from introspection and self-restraint. Instead of looking within at the vast diseases right in front of me, I find myself occupied by the matters of no real concern, which only increase me in self-righteousness and conceit. I wonder what comes next.

Islam is the Quran

“Islam is not represented by the lifestyle and behavior of Muslims, nor is it represented by any one period of history of Islam, nor by any book written on Islam. Islam is the Quran.” — Ismail al-Faruqi



I have a habit of burning bridges and sinking boats. My impetuous nature causes me to make hasty decisions. To leave a group suddenly. To delete a hundred files. To speak my mind too freely. To be cynical in the midst of a frenzy of adoration. And ultimately, at my turning away, all my companions turn away too, tired of my abrupt reversals. In the end, there is no love lost: better to abandon the impulsive one and his frequent about-turns, as he burns yet another bridge and puts up another wall. Why invest any more time in our ferocious friend, they ask themselves, when he will ultimately just let us down? My friends have my sympathy: I can barely tolerate myself either.

Perhaps the Hour is near

Eight hundred and thirty years ago to the day, on 2 October 1187, Salah al-Din al-Ayubbi liberated Jerusalem from Crusader forces after an 88 year occupation of the city. Muslims everywhere rejoice, dreaming of such a hero for today. The world is awaiting another Salah al-Din, chant the masses: a great warrior; an honest leader; a brave Muslim!

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Nearly four years ago I wrote of a vast and complex edifice I had engineered, which towered high above me; my conscience told me to pull it down, but a battle raged within. Over the years and months that followed, I sent in demolition repeatedly, only to build it back up again within weeks or months. What was once a hideous carbuncle became normalised, pushing me further and further from my Lord.

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Allahu Akbar

Science, more than religion, reveals the true wonderment of the Creator.

Reading about a universe 14 billion years old filled with 200 billion galaxies, containing billions of stars around which planets capable of sustaining life swim — and the intricacies of the life forms found there — in all of this the real meaning of “Allahu Akbar” hits home.

Far more potent than popular religion.


For a people claiming to be on the truth, it’s odd that we’re not people of truth.

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