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10 October, 2016 Timothy Bowes 0

Why is it that the more religious people get, the harsher they become? It’s meant to be the other way round. You’re meant to embody […]

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4 October, 2016 Timothy Bowes 0

Do not be rude in speech (3:159) Restrain your anger (3:134) Be good to others (4:36) Do not be arrogant (7:13) Forgive others for their […]

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11 September, 2016 Timothy Bowes 0

The temptation of those traveling the spiritual path is to yearn for and struggle to recreate those visions of the romantic past. The real challenge […]

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Are you sure?

25 June, 2016 Timothy Bowes 0

I am being interrogated by a child at the mosque. Are you English? Why are you here? How can you be Muslim if you’re English, […]

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Verses ignored

22 June, 2016 Timothy Bowes 0

It is interesting that our Book often contradicts or conflicts with ideas and beliefs that we are taught are part of our tradition, and yet […]

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24 May, 2016 Timothy Bowes 0

Stuck in the moment of his own despair, he carelessly says to another no longer stuck in their own moment of despair, “You have absolutely […]

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23 May, 2016 Timothy Bowes 0

Some people seem to have forgotten that we have what is called the science of hadith precisely because there were problems with hadith. It was […]

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7 April, 2016 Timothy Bowes 0

Time and again I am reminded that I have no power to affect change in the world, except by the will of the Most Merciful. […]