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5 October, 2015 Timothy Bowes 0

I think we Muslims might be better off focusing our efforts on understanding the Qur’an and recentering our lives around it,┬árather than making a fool […]

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Calling the caller

9 February, 2015 Timothy Bowes 1

I regret that I cringed when I read about a “da’wah training session” held for students over the weekend. “Da’wah training to unleash your inner […]

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Taking a side

26 April, 2014 Timothy Bowes 0

I have read Tony Blair’s Bloomberg speech in full, long winded though it was. It contains some truths, and some realities for Western interests. I […]

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Faith and Family

22 May, 2006 Timothy Bowes 16

In 2003 my mother wrote an essay entitled “Help, there’s a Muslim in my family!” for the interfaith module of her Masters degree in Theology. […]

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Easter weekend

15 April, 2006 Timothy Bowes 7

It is Easter weekend and I am staying in the Rectory with my parents. As both of them are vicars responsible for different churches, they […]