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These weights

5 April, 2016 Timothy Bowes 0

True repentance is undoubtedly liberating, but that does not make it easy. Sometimes it means letting go of all that you have become attached to, […]

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Of us

11 January, 2015 Timothy Bowes 0

We claim the good amongst us and disown the bad. Those before us claimed both and sought their redemption.

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Ode to my shoes

10 September, 2014 Timothy Bowes 0

My dear noble friends, my humble servants, my trusty companions: alas, the time has come to part ways. We have been through thick and thin […]

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11 July, 2014 Timothy Bowes 0

An oft-repeated phrase during our short-lived English khutbahs was, “May Allah give us the tawfiq to know Islam,” and every time I heard it I […]

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Investment opportunity

8 July, 2014 Timothy Bowes 0

I don’t understand the contemporary concern that charities have become businesses. I expect an international relief organisation to have governance in place to comply with […]