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Are you sure?

25 June, 2016 Timothy Bowes 0

I am being interrogated by a child at the mosque. Are you English? Why are you here? How can you be Muslim if you’re English, […]

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3 March, 2015 Timothy Bowes 0

Convertitis is an intolerable ailment. I suffered from it for the best part of a decade. I have every sympathy for those who had to […]

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Calling the caller

9 February, 2015 Timothy Bowes 1

I regret that I cringed when I read about a “da’wah training session” held for students over the weekend. “Da’wah training to unleash your inner […]

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Good trees

1 June, 2014 Timothy Bowes 1

I have no issue with sufism that is founded on and grounded in Islam. Many (though by no means all) of the Muslims I find […]

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5 May, 2014 Timothy Bowes 0

On this day, sixteen years ago, I became a believer, albeit one still wavering. A lot has happened since then. The zealotry of youth has […]

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Secret Muslims

30 December, 2012 Timothy Bowes 1

Comment is free | Monday 10 December 2012 10.31 GMT Muslim women face an uphill battle against prejudice to find work Many Muslim women feel […]

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Undue Praise

15 May, 2012 Timothy Bowes 0

I return once more to the word of our Prophet, peace be upon him, when he told his companions to throw dust in the faces […]