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Of a mountain

18 September, 2011 Timothy Bowes 1

The reality of this road is that it is difficult. It may be straight, but it is steep and at times rough, and often vulnerable […]

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Who am I?

25 June, 2011 Timothy Bowes 2

Who am I to pass judgement on the despair of the youngster who has only known this war, waged in his land since he was […]

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It will

18 May, 2011 Timothy Bowes 1

If you let your faith go, it will go. If you let your anger consume you, it will.

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The fat prince

17 May, 2011 Timothy Bowes 0

I confess that for most of the past decade I was convinced that the so-called Smoking Gun video purportedly showing Osama bin Laden describing the […]

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28 April, 2011 Timothy Bowes 2

Life is filled with trials and tests, but somehow we never recognise half of them in the mundane encounters of daily life. ‘Do you think […]

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Be vigilant

2 November, 2010 Timothy Bowes 2

One lesson that experience teaches me is that sincere repentance must always be followed by vigilance. In Ramadan we have the gift of being able […]

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Accentuate the positive

31 October, 2010 Timothy Bowes 0

We all feel legitimately aggrieved when newspapers lend disproportionate coverage to fringe provocateurs in the Muslim community, magnifying the significance of their actions far beyond […]