The reactions of tens of thousands of Muslims to one man accused of vile acts by now four women disturb me greatly. Yes, naturally, we want him to be innocent, for it to be some conspiratorial plot and all made up. Let’s pray and hope so.

But the reaction to this case is no different from any of those other cases gone before, that we now express moral indignation about, when at the time we looked the other way. The alleged victims are disbelieved absolutely. The accused has to be innocent: there can be no doubt about it.

Fine: you are sure. But replace for a moment the accused with an unknown man, accused by four Muslim women of unspeakable violence against them. Is the reaction the same?

For sure it is not, because daily I read my news feed, listing the alleged misdemeanours of others, and hardly ever do the same Muslim masses say, “Hold on a minute, do we know if this is true?”

I too want the allegations to be all unfounded and an awful conspiracy. I too want the accused to be innocent; just the victim of a terrible slander.

But after reading the claims (filed with police) of that anonymous disabled Muslim convert alone, let alone the others… Sorry no, I’m not going to “Like” the accused’s posts or pen a eulogy in the comments about the time I collected him from the airport and how polite he was (and for sure, he was). I’m not going to take part in this mass vilification of the alleged victims.

Instead I am just going to pray that whoever has been wronged here is granted justice, be it friend or foe, rich or poor. May whoever has been wronged here be compensated here and hereafter in full. And God is certainly Most Just.

“He exalts whom He wills and abases whom He wills. It is He who has revealed this admonition and it is He who will preserve it.”