Monetising Islam almost always ends in tears — and the involvement of pious, sincere, righteous scholars is absolutely no guarantee of relief.

Years ago I got caught in the crossfire between two good men, both of them scholars, who came to blows over a book I had been typesetting for them.

My response to the immense pressure each side put me under is a source of regret to this day. But over the years since then, I have learned that this crisis was by no means unique.

Again and again and again, whenever businesses try to utilise the facade of religion and the religiosity of their customers to make money, these exact same conflicts occur.

In the battle between strong personalities, collateral damage is inevitable. The little people suffer the fall out most; scholars are just being scholars.

Nowadays I steer clear of those who commoditise faith and sacred knowledge. Islam was never meant to be a business opportunity, although I appreciate this is a minority opinion in our era.