Look what we have in common…

An unwavering belief in conspiracy theories… patriotic, oppressed, far-right white people everywhere are convinced that the murder of Jo Cox is a False Flag operation, created to derail the Leave campaign.

An unwavering belief that the Mainstream Media is biased… every true patriot knows it to be anti-white and pro-Muslim, reporting lies about white people everywhere. The media is controlled by the Muslims and is both whiteophobic and christophobic.

A pathetic feeling of victimisation vindicated on a daily basis… they’re all out to get us, the world is against us, everybody hates us, how horrible… anti-white violence is on the increase and anti-white abuse has simplify become the new daily norm.

A fervent belief in a saviour of our people… the promised one is just around the corner, his arrival is imminent… the end times are upon us, rejoice in the flatulent one!

It is time to take a stand, to rise up against this horrible oppression… white people have had enough of institutionalised racism, the toxic liberal agenda, the eradication of their history, the brutal conquest and occupation of their lands… it’s time to overcome our differences and unite… Ingerland! Ingerland!

…what wonderful things are rampant paranoia and unremitting victim complexes… uniting the far-right, far-left, evangelicals and Muslims everywhere…