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Words I forgot to utter

I wish I had planted these words firmly in my mind and on the tip of my tongue when I first set out on this path: A’uzu billahi min ash shaitani r rajimi. Still I fail to recall them when the whispers come, and before I know it I have succumbed to the same old plots all over again, which then take an age to unravel and untangle.

Advice to those new to the path, whether converts or those returning to the faith of their family: hand over your affairs to Allah completely and do not rely on yourself. Remember that you are a child in your religion, so be humble. Don’t try to run before you can crawl. Don’t arrogate to yourself what is not yours. Be patient and realise that your success lies with your Lord alone.


Be with those you’re with


Taksim Square


  1. Ayesha

    jazakAllahkhair brother!

  2. Umme

    “On the Day of Alast The Beloved said something else, but in a whisper. Do you remember?

    He said, “I have hurried to you, I have made you for Myself. I will not sell what I have made for Myself at auction.”

    I said, “Who art Thou?” He said, “The Desire of all.”
    I said, “Who am I?” He said,
    “The desire of the Desire.”

    ~ Maulana Rumi, Divan

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