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What purpose have I?

Remember when you ask yourself, “What purpose have I?” that you have a purpose. It is easy to delete your email address, to cut yourself off, to head for the hills and vanish—it is easy to hide yourself away, but you will forever remain in hearts of the people you touched. Remember as you head for self-destruction, throwing yourself to oblivion, abandoning all that went before: yes, you have a purpose. Not for nought was all of this created!




Deify not mere mortals


  1. Masha allah brother,

    Your words apply to yourself as well!

  2. PLR

    I love your posts! Please write more often if you can

  3. Linday James

    Never really looked at the information like that before. Thanks!

  4. Ayesha

    every time i open this blog feeling low about something i find a post that relates to my situation SubhanAllah!

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